Security in-a-box

Security in-a-Box is a guide to digital security for activists and human rights defenders throughout the world.

If you're new to digital security, the Tactics Guides cover the basic principles, including advice on how to use social networking platforms and mobile phones more safely. The Tool Guides offer step-by-step instructions to help you install and use the most essential digital security software and services.

The Community Guides focus on specific groups of people — sometimes in specific regions — who face severe digital threats. They include tailored advice on tools and tactics that are relevant to the needs of these particular groups.

Security in-a-Box is jointly developed by Front Line Defenders and Tactical Technology Collective, along with a global network of thousands of activists, trainers and digital security experts.

Tools and tactics for activists

These tactics guides cover the basics of digital security and recommend tools you can use

Internet Tools: 

Guides to web-based services and using social networks safely

Tips on using social networking platforms more safely
Windows Tools: 

The tool guides below give you step-by-step instructions on how to install and use key digital security software and services

Android Tools: 

Guides for setting up Android phones and using smartphone security apps

Basic setup guide for Android devices
Smartphone email client
Smartphone password manager
Blur or delete faces from photos
Tor for smartphones
Browse the web anonymously
Encrypted text messaging
Safe VoIP

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security in-a-box is a project of Tactical Technology Collective and Front Line Defenders.